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Following the devastating earthquakes in 2015, the Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal (NERA) fund was set up by Alison Marston to accept donations for small, grassroots NGOs.



2015-2016: Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal 2015 – Summary of Grant Awards updated 16.1.16

Over £300,000 was raised between April and December 2015 and Alison has visited Nepal three times since the earthquake (at her own cost) to assess the situation on the ground and oversee the distribution of funds – as reported in The Guardian 12th May 2015.  The focus of the donated funds has always been the recovery phase with key grass roots organisations identified as implementing partners. Detailed information on all funded organisations and the strategic plan for the appeal can be found in the following documents, written following each of Alison’s trips.

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal Strategic Overview

NERA Update One – May 2015

NERA Update Two – August 2015

NERA Update Three – December 2015

All monies donated are being closely monitored and accounted for, with no administration costs applied.

NERA has distributed its grants for relief aid with its primary partner Burns Violence Survivors-Nepal (BVS-Nepal), a not-for-profit NGO that was established in 2008. The aim of this relief distribution was to provide urgent food supplies with an additional holistic approach including vital basic medical treatment and veterinary services. The distribution can be seen in this short film by Camille Summers-Valli.

Please continue to follow the progress of NERA on the NERA Facebook page and @QuakeNepal where Alison endeavours to keep everyone up to date.

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Alison Marston was born in Nepal, where her family have lived for 40 years and speaks Nepali as her first language.   Educated in Kathmandu and latterly at Stowe School in England, for the past 16 years Alison has worked on various charitable and humanitarian projects for Nepal.  These include spending two years working in conflict resolution in the field across central to Far West Nepal for the International Committee for the Red Cross.  For the last two and a half years, Alison has been running a ground-breaking grants initiative for the Bulldog Trust, seeking out innovative charities for early stage funding.

For NERA, Alison has called upon all her Nepali knowledge and contacts as well as her grant-making experience to collaborate with local NGOs, charities and government to assess areas of highest need, and organise the rapid dispersal of funds.  Alison is an expert on delivering aid to Nepal and is able to understand the impact the current state of logistics, government operations/impediments, and hostile climates across the country has had on efforts to rebuild the country.

The Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal 2015 is now closed online.  Donations can still be made via bank transfer or cheque to The Bulldog Trust – Sort Code 15 99 00, Account number 10048750 (Reference: Nepal 2015). Please click here if you would like a  Gift Aid Form – Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal 2015, The Bulldog Trust.