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The Trust runs two programmes of events – Engaging Experience and Small Charity Events.  Both programmes are now run through the trust’s expanded grant-making programme, The Fore – see website for upcoming event details.


Engaging Experience Events:

For further information about the Engaging Experience Philanthropy and how to get involved please email

"The lessons and insights gained from my philanthropic work have provided a very welcome foil to the high-powered, rarefied world of finance. Seeing mentored kids achieve great results from inspiration I have been able to give, is beyond belief."

Tutu Agyare, member of philanthropy network; Managing Partner and CIO at Nubuke Investments LLP and former Head of EMEA for UBS

"My business mentor asked me not to thank him because he gets so much pleasure from supporting and advising us — he said the feeling he gets from our conversations is like electricity."

Sharla Duncan, Founder of Team Up

Small Charity Events:

To receive notification of the grant funding rounds and workshops that are hosted by The Bulldog Trust, please email The Grants Team at:

"I was lucky enough to attend this one on a previous occasion and can endorse how memorable and helpful it was."

Margaret Archibald, Everyone Matters

"Thank you for a really interesting event yesterday. I think it is a super idea to start introducing more workshops especially as charities can so rarely afford proper training!"

Olly Belcher, Shivia

Photograph courtesy of Creative Futures