The Bulldog Trust Two Temple Place

Bulldog Donor Funds offer a fully tax-efficient, administration-free way of giving money to good causes leaving the donor with only one decision – which charities to support.

How Donor Funds Work
When you make a donation to the trust, a Bulldog donor fund is set up in your name. At the start of each year, an agreed annual sum of money will be allocated to your fund. This annual sum is calculated as a percentage of your original maximised donation in the style of an annuity. The calculation takes into account your funding objectives as well as any other criteria that might be relevant – your age, family circumstances or funding ideas.

Each fund is bespoke and benefits from the total flexibility of the trust which can make the most of opportunities involving the gift or purchase of shares, cash or property – with a guideline minimum gross donation of £250,000.

Once a donor’s fund is established, donors are free to spend the balance on any charity. Funding requests are made by emailing the trust direct, or with a personalised Bulldog voucher. All the recipient charity need do is fill in its bank account details and return the voucher to the trust for it to be honoured.

The trust can even arrange for grants to individuals or non-registered charities if the objective is charitable and enough warning is given.