The Bulldog Trust Two Temple Place

Bulldog Donor Funds offer a fully tax-efficient, administration-free way of giving money to good causes leaving the donor with only one decision – which charities to support.

How Bulldog can help
The trust is happy to offer as much (or as little) advice and support as you need. This may be as simple as looking up a charity’s history or might involve spending more time to help you find the most appropriate projects to support.

The trust believes that one of the major reasons for its success over the years is that it has offered more than just money. And it is delighted if its donors wish to do the same. The Bulldog Trust has extensive experience in making sure its donations have the maximum impact and is keen to help donors ensure theirs achieve similar results.

The trust also welcomes donors as partners for any of its own donation projects.

No fees
The trust’s commitment to encourage charitable giving is demonstrated by the fact that it does not charge any fees for its fund and basic advisory services. This means there are no set-up or day-to-day administrative costs. The trust does, however, reserve the right to charge if donors require more detailed research on a particular subject.