The Bulldog Trust Two Temple Place

Bulldog Donor Funds offer a fully tax-efficient, administration-free way of giving money to good causes leaving the donor with only one decision – which charities to support.

Tax incentives for charitable giving in the UK are among the most favourable in the world. However, there are few ways to take advantage of these incentives unless you are committed to a particular charity. Setting up a charitable trust offers the flexibility to donate when and where you like but is, for most, too time-consuming and too expensive to undertake. For those making small ad hoc donations, charity bank accounts offer an excellent solution but, because they make little provision for supporting the donor, their help can be limited.

This is why, as part of the trust’s mission to encourage charitable giving, the Bulldog Trust offers a free of charge donor-advised fund service.

Bulldog donor funds offer all the advantages of setting up a charitable trust but incur none of the administrative burden. Each donor is free to distribute the proceeds of their fund to whichever charities they choose – with as much or as little help from the trust as they would like.

Established in 2013, Circle Crew for Change in Co Durham is the first ever UK youth mutual organisation owned, led and run entirely by its 400 members and represents a pioneering new approach to youth services. With GBT/BT’s help, CCfC has strengthened the structure of its model and is now able to support the establishment of similar groups across the UK.

A CCfC member speaking at the Houses of Parliament. Photograph courtesy of Circle Crew for Change